Don’t Sleep On THEY. : Genre-Blending Hip-Hop Duo


This is the first in our new “Don’t Sleep On” series which aims to highlight rising artists who have been putting out continuous, amazing music. The goal of this series is to give a more in-depth look at up-and-coming artists that should you should know more about. An artist you shouldn't be sleeping on.

Although most artists take time to develop their sound, some hit the ground running and make a statement with their debut release. Forward thinking duo THEY. have caught our full attention since their introductory three-track EP, Nu Religion that dropped in Oct. 2015. They've kept a steady flow of impressive singles leading up to their forthcoming debut full-length album Nu Religion : HYENAdue Feb. 24. We've decided to highlight what they've done leading up to their most ambitious project to date.

THEY. – Nu Religion EP 

THEY. reside on the independent, tastemaker label Mind of a Genius alongside the likes of ZHU and Gallant. The LA-based duo pairs the talents of Colorado native Dante Jones on production with Washington D.C.'s Drew Love handling the vocal duties. 

While the phrases “genre-blending” or “genre-defying” get tossed around pretty frequently, THEY. embody the terms to a tee, blending a futuristic approach of R&B and Rap with incredibly unique production mixing hip-hop and rock with a splash of electronic elements. Their raw energy is matched by gentle emotion as they manage to somehow create music that’s hard-hitting and melodic at the same time. 

THEY. appeared on ZHU’s “Working For It” Collaboration with Skrillex that’s racked up over 100 million streams on Spotify alone. Since this release we’ve heard a string of album singles “Deep End”, “Say When”, "What You Want" and "U-RITE", which is a favorite of ours and was accompanied by an incredible music video filmed entirely in Colorado. Continue below for our interview with THEY. and stay tuned for Nu Religion : HYENA. on Feb. 24.

THEY. – Say When 

THEY. – Deep End

THEY. – What You Want

THEY. – U-RITE | Official Music Video

Interview questions:

What made you guys decide to create a collaborative project?

There was a mutual desire to wanna create something people hadn't heard before . It's easy to talk about how weak the music scene is without doing anything to shift it . 

What is your approach when you hit the studio together, do you have a consistent ritual or is it different every time?

It's different every time and it should be , can't get too stuck in your ways it only limits you .

How did you connect with the Mind Of A Genius record label?

Zhu is a close friend of ours and upon listening to our first demos he urged us to play it for David Dann (MOAG label owner). Not too long after that we were a part of the family .

How did your collaboration “Working For it” with ZHU and Skrillex come about. What was the creative process like?

Zhu approached us and played us the record and told us it was still missing something . We threw on a little sauce and it ended up being a huge record . The song was already awesome . We were just glad to be able to put our 2 cents in . 

What was it like for your first tour being in front of sold out crowds with Bryson Tiller?

Completely unforgettable . You can't describe or match an experience like that or  the vision and perspective it gives you to  further hone your craft . We're the new definition of what it means to be a band . The tour was a great launchpad and were forever thankful to be a part of the whole thing .

What is the story behind your debut album and how does it feel to get this out there?

The album is about freedom of expression, believing in yourself, and not holding back. Drew and I took a lot of risks on this album and covered a lot of genres. We are excited to display the diversity an artist can have in one project.