Indie Pop Group Double Wish Release Smooth, Charming Tune “Meadows”


It might be April Fool’s Day, but one thing we’re not joking about today is how good the new track from Double Wish is. “Meadows” is the ideal intoxicating, laidback tune.

The group describes their sound as “dark sunshine pop.” Listening to their music, we do feel a certain warmth from the track. “Meadows” has the catchy rhythmic guitar strumming reminiscent of the indie anthems from our childhoods. Combined with the pop drum rhythm and falsetto notes of the chorus, it’s the perfect modern take on a classic sound.

According to Double Wish, “This is a song about getting high… not just stoned, but also high off the thought of someone you have a crush on.” In the background, we faintly hear birds chirping, completing a cozy mental image of a picnic with said crush.

You can check out “Meadows” using the link below. Enjoy!

Double Wish – Meadows