Downtempo Producer Catch The Rise Gives Les Krilles Their First Remix On “Money Trees”


As the saying goes, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Electronic Producer Catch the Rise clearly had this in mind when he reached out to Australian indie band Les Krills to put out an official remix of their song “Money Trees“.

He told us the story of how he reached out:

I knew that there was something really special about this song…I got the idea to reach out to the band via Instagram to ask if they would be interested in letting me put together a remix for them to listen to- no pressure or expectations beyond that. Alain de Carne responded and said that while they have never had anyone remix their music before, they were open to the idea. They were unbelievably open and gracious. They sent me the stems and I went to work.

The original version of “Money Trees” is a sleepier, acoustic, surf-inspired song. In his remix, Catch the Rise adds an electronic, downtempo element while still honoring the emotion of the original. The whirling synth and gleaming keys he throws in enhance the guitar strums of the Les Krilles version. The bridge halfway through the song adds a perfectly light and airy sonic reset before diving deep again.

You’re gonna want to check out this tune, and you can do so using the link below. Enjoy!

Les Krilles – Money Trees (Catch The Rise Remix)