Rising Artist, Downtown Kayoto, Transcends Genres On Latest Single “Lite”


Downtown Kayoto is the brainchild of rising alt hip-hop musician, Chiko Chinyadza. The Zimbabwe-born, UK-based artist has been building a reputation with his genre-blending, unpredictable sound that blurs the lines between hip-hop, pop, dance, indie, and more. Today, he’s making his TSIS debut with his latest self-released single, “Lite.”

Downtown Kayoto’s creative genre versatility can be heard all throughout the track. The production never stands still, weaving between bouncing house, trap, and UK grime. Downtown Kayoto skillfully lays down some lyrically diverse and introspective bars, reflecting on his place as a full-time musician and his own individual growth.

Downtown Kayoto is an exciting young talent to watch as he navigates the early stages of his career. “Lite” is also part of his forthcoming Learning in Public EP, which is set to release July 6. Check out the official music video for “Lite” below and enjoy!

Downtown Kayoto – Lite