[PREMIERE] Dr. Fresch & Bijou Turn Ice Cube’s “Hello” Into A G-House Banger

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G-House producers Dr. Fresch and Bijou have finally teamed up on a release, a moment that has been long in the making. "Ben and I have been talking about collabing forever," says Dr. Fresch. When they came to agreement regarding the record's vision, they knew it had to be "the perfect representation of G-House, in its highest form."
They began working with the vocals of Ice Cube's "Hello," the first single from the rapper's sixth studio album. "I couldn't be happier with the final outcome of this record," says Bijou, "it's my proudest final cut to date." While this is Bijou's debut on TSIS, Dr. Fresch has frequently popped up on the site with tracks such as "No Love" and "The New Order," the latter being a collaboration with SNBRN and Shaun Frank.
The dark brooding tone of "Hello" receives an uppercut by a tough bass line which sets the tone for the remainder of the production. Stream it below and enjoy!