Dutch Outfit Dragonfruit Captivates With Sleek Neo-Soul Single “Lonely”


Dragonfruit is an alternative R&B group from the Netherlands who have been hard at work releasing a string of singles while they gear up for their debut album release in October. The latest song they put out, called “Lonely”, has a rich, silky atmosphere and a sassy yet introspective message that we love. It came out earlier this month via label Super Sonic Jazz Record. 

This track is impressive and detailed in both the production and the lyricism. It has a charming vintage instrumentation, with lo-fi textures and ambient neo-soul sounds. Singer Danique van der Vlugt croons about a struggle with self-love and solitude, starting off with a prolific spoken word flow and then fading into the soft chorus. The whole song is abundant with soul and reflection, packed into just over two minutes. 

You can listen to “Lonely” below. Enjoy!

Dragonfruit – Lonely