Drake’s New Album Is Almost Entirely House Music

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Drake surprised the entire music world yesterday when he announced that his seventh studio album, Honestly, Nevermind, would drop at midnight. What was even more surprising were the production credits. In addition to his go-to producer, Noah “40” Shebib, the album was executively produced by GRAMMY award-winning melodic house buff Black Coffee (along with Oliver El-Khatib and Noel Cadastre). This new project has turned out to be Drake’s most dance music-inspired album to date.

Black Coffee’s influence on the album is heard immediately. And it gets even more interesting when you check out the individual production credits for each track, which include other house producers. Carnage, who’s recently rebranded himself into the tech house producer using the moniker GORDO, is credited on five separate tracks.

&ME and Rampa, who make two parts of the Berlin production/DJ trio Keinemusik—a group that’s not only heralded for their DJ sets but also their own music—are credited on “Falling Back” and “A Keeper.” GOVI, a Toronto producer who dabbles in both hip-hop and dance music, is credited on “Flight’s Booked.”

The result of this direction is an album that’s built almost entirely on a foundation of house music. Honestly, Nevermind has ended up sounding like a dance music record. While we typically try to stay away from covering releases this mainstream, the sound here cannot be ignored.

You can give Drake’s seventh studio album a listen for yourself below. Enjoy!

Drake – Honestly, Nevermind