Dre Delamar Creates Soulful & Uplifting Hip-Hop Vibes on “Timeless”


Discovering unknown gems is just one of the many things that make what we do fun and exciting. Our latest find, Dre Delamar, is an emerging West Coast artist whose blend of smooth hip-hop, soul, and r&b is a refreshing change of pace for your ears. His latest single, “Timeless,” is a hip-hop tune drenched in soul and is part of his three-track Vibes EP.

“Timeless” sees Delamar teaming up with an unknown singer to trade melodic lines about keeping an open communication to maintain a solid relationship. Both soulful and uplifting, this song is a refreshing reminder that we all went through the pandemic together and it’s still possible to hope for a better future.

This being Delamar’s first official release, we’re sure to be on the lookout for more music to come. Stream “Timeless” below and enjoy!

Dre Delamar – Timeless

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