DROELOE Share Vibrant Debut EP ‘A Moment In Time’ + Exclusive Interview


Dutch duo DROELOE first caught our attention about a year ago with their distinctive future-style sound. They’ve kept both our attention and that of San Holo ever since – the three teamed up for “Lines of the Broken” in May of this year, which has remained one of our favorite tracks even three months later. Today the duo are back with their first ever EP, a 5-track project titled A Moment In Time, with each release designed to highlight small pieces of life that we go through each day.

The EP includes “Sunburn,” the vibrant lead single that ties intricate production with emotive vocals seamlessly. As for the rest of the offering, DROELOE presents a deeper and more mature sound for each of the diverse tracks. “Homebound” combines a playful percussion and overall production style with sensual vocals while most of the other tracks allow DROELOE’s impressive production skills to stand in the spotlight. Each song has a specific feel that the duo creates with many elements layered together impeccably, a skill that we’ve constantly admired from DROELOE since they got their start. Beyond that, each track takes unorthodox risks that heighten the emotion behind them all the more.  

We also had the opportunity to speak with DROELOE about the project and their latest offering. It’s been great to see these two grow over the past few months, and we can’t wait to see how they continue to develop in the future. Find the interview and A Moment In Time, out now via bitbird, below. Enjoy!

DROELOE – A Moment In Time

How did you originally link up and what made you guys decide to create a collaborative project?

H: Well we attended the same school here in the Netherlands, Vince studied music and I studied film. We met through a mutual friend, worked on a short film together and became good friends.

V: I used to hang out at Hein's house a lot at that time and we would always make music more as a joke. But after putting out a couple tracks on Soundcloud for fun we noticed that people really liked it, so we decided to become a little bit more serious!

What has been the process on this EP? Were these tracks written on the road or in a studio?

V: We started working on a couple of the tracks while we were on the road in North America for our first tour back in March. Initially we didn’t approach the writing with the idea that it would be a cohesive EP, but by the end of the tour the idea of releasing the songs together, as an EP, made a lot more sense to us.

H: We created the idea for Sunburn in the first week of tour, in LA. “Back When (1997)” we created while being sick in a hotel room in San Diego, and “Lilypads” at the end of tour when we got back to LA for our last show. Those tracks really reflect our experiences of going on tour for the first time in North America.

V: The whole concept of the EP really connected when we got home. The contrast of being on the road and coming back home was a really big inspiration for us on this project. That’s when we made Homebound and “Just Now (2017)”

San Holo has played a big roll in your career so far, how did you first link with him? Any plans for future collabs with him in the works?

H: San has supported us since almost day one, we can't be more thankful for the things he has done for us. He send us a message on Soundcloud after we uploaded one of our old tracks “Arazu” and that’s what got us talking.

V: As of now we don't really have any plans for a future collab in the works but with Gouldian Finch 2 coming who knows…! We wrapped up “Lines of the Broken” while being our tour with him last time. We're going on tour with him again this fall, so who knows!

Any specific influences affecting you on this release?

V: Musically speaking our influences have always been very broad, so it’s hard to really pinpoint a main influence. But this EP has really been influenced by our recent life experiences.

H: We've always been fascinated by people like Kendrick Lamar, who really go hard on the concept of their album or EP. And that's been a major influences on that fact that if we we're going to do something bigger than just a single we wanted to try to put some concept and story behind it.

What does A Moment In Time mean to you and how do you hope this concept applies to your fans?

H: We actually wrote out a artwork concept for the entire EP which I hope shows you visually what we’re trying to accomplish!

The EP is about small moments and little things in life. The small moments and little things that add up to make up the peaks and valleys of everything you do and everything that happens to you in your life.

Each track on the EP is inspired by one of these moments from our own lives. The experience of going on tour in the US for the first time. The feeling of being in complete control while performing onstage but stressing about that bottle of water you want to buy at the airport because you’re low on cash.

A Moment In Time tells all of those stories, and we hope the fans can feel those stories and relate to them in a way.

It became a really personal project, way more personal than we expected it to be haha!

Is there a particular song on the project you enjoyed making the most?

V: Lilypads, we made that song at the end of the tour when we had some downtime in LA. We had the coolest Airbnb up on the hills around Echo Park the sun was shining, everything felt good. The song basically wrote is self at that point!

What’s the most exciting thing right now for DROELOE?

H: This EP of course! We've been working on it for about 3 months now and even though when we were writing it we weren’t approaching it as an EP, putting one out is something we've always wanted to do when we started DROELOE. Our music has always been emotionally driven and telling a story with those emotions is what we always try to achieve. And making an EP instead of just a single gave us all the freedom we needed to really tell that story.

What can fans look forward to next?

H: We're doing a massive tour together with San Holo and Just a Gent this fall, We have stops in Asia, Australia, North America, it going to be crazy!

V: And lots of new music of course, we have a lot of stuff already in the works and we can't wait to show you guys whats next!