DROELOE Continue To Impress With Uplifting Remix Of Charli XCX’s “Boys”


DROELOE have been scorching hot lately coming off the release of their A Moment In Time EP only last month via bitbird. Now today, they continue their momentum with an incredible official remix of Charli XCX’s recent single “Boys”. The Dutch duo have developed a signature future-bass inspired sound that can be heard on this remix and that we at TSIS are loving.

The track revolves around Charli XCX’s seductive vocal performance which DROELEO compliments super well with sharp synths and an energetic bassline. The songs drops into an uplifting but down-tempo track with profound percussion and grumbling melodies. DROELOE once again have showcased their detailed production and unique creative vision… Enjoy!

Charli XCX – Boys (DROELOE Remix)