[PREMIERE] Dubloadz Drops Energetic Dubstep Track “Drunken Record” Off Upcoming LP


New Jersey-based dubstep producer Dave Nardolilli aka Dubloadz has become well-known for his immaculately-executed brand of bass music. His forthcoming album, Dubloadz and the 9000 Ghosts, is probably the best showcase of the artist’s talents to date. Over a year in the making, this album shows Dubloadz’s attention to detail with both new sound design and a classic dubstep vibe. The latter of these is a no-brainer, with collaborators such as Crichy Crich, Virtual Riot, and FuntCase on the record. We are pleased to present you with a premiere of a huge single off the album, entitled “Drunken Record.”

“Drunken Record” presents as a refreshingly vintage dubstep tune, with robotic, spoken vocals reminiscent of early bass music tracks such as Dubba Jonny’s “Dubstep Tutorial.” The track reinvigorates this classic dubstep sound while layering even grimier, metallic bass synths. Add a bouncy arpeggio and in-your-face percussion and effects on top of this, and we’re left with a purposefully concise monster of a banger.

“Drunken Record” ends with the narrator telling us “…but that’s only part of the story.” If there were ever a cliffhanger, this is it; clocking in at only 2:22, Dubloadz leaves us begging for more. In all actuality, this is only one of 13 tracks to be released off his Dubloadz and the 9000 Ghosts LP which will be out August 10th via Disciple. Meanwhile, Dubloadz has been busy closing out EDC, finishing up his Australian tour, and embarking on his first run of Japan. Needless to say we’re stoked for the full album, but for now, you can check out “Drunken Record” below and enjoy!

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