Dugong Jr. Creates An Effortlessly Cool Cut with New Genre Blender, “Ceramic”

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What do you get when you take a little bit of R&B, a touch of melodic hip hop, a serving of neo soul, and a just pinch of electronic for shading? You get the addictively smooth new track, “Ceramic,” by Chinese/Australian artist, Dugong Jr.

Those pristine guitar chords are such a pleasant way to open up the tune, and once that beat provides a little bounce, there’s no turning back. Dugong then hands the reigns over to vocalist, IJALE, to lay down some velvety smooth verses about putting up a strong front for everyone to see, but confronting fragile vulnerability beneath. Dugong Jr. discusses the inspiration of this new tune saying:

Thematically, “Ceramic” for me is about this idea of presenting a confident and unfazed public facade, but deep down feeling quite fragile and vulnerable. Kind of living on a knifes edge because you yearn for that sense of identity that a meaning relationship could bring, but are also afraid of what you might lose trying to get there.

This new song is so easy on the ears, don’t be surprised if you find yourself coming back for 10+ more listens. Stream “Ceramic” by Dugong Jr. below. Enjoy!

Dugong Jr. – Ceramic (feat. IJALE)