Pogo Stick Gang Vs Segway Cop Showdown in Duke Dumont’s “Won’t Look Back” Music Video


Duke Dumont has brought his most recent deep house single "Won't Look Back" to life in a way I don't think anyone could have imagined. Centered around a trio of masked vigilante's wreaking havoc on a local pawn shop with their weapon of choice being… pogo-sticks, which leads to a showdown between the gang and a cop riding a Segway. The unlikely means of transporation make for a rediculous encounter ending with one of the pogo-stickers doing a leap of faith. While the video provides a great new life to the song, we still are going to have to wait until August 24th for a proper for an actual releaes date. Enjoy!

Duke Dumont – Won't Look Back (Official Video) | Pre-Order on iTunes