Dusa Enlists Andrew Pascale on Powerful New Bass Ballad “Vale”


Dusa, a new artist making his imprint on the electronic scene, recently teamed up with fellow producer and vocalist, Andrew Pascale, on their new single “Vale.” The duo, releasing their first song together since meeting in 2020, meshed their influences together so flawlessly on this track.

This bass-infused banger, packed with heavy drops, punchy snares, and glitchy fills, is an exceptional first showing for the two collaborators. A track most definitely suited for any rave, yet diverse enough for the club, “Vale” is a hard-hitter. The dynamic vocal performance by Pascale compliments Dusa’s production beautifully, offering soft legato melodies to balance out the massive, bass-driven drops of the rest of the track.

When asked about his vision for Dusa, the artist described his project as “conceptualized by the living muse that is so vastly intricate just like you and I… the muse is what connects us all. That is the essence of Dusa.”

You can listen to Dusa and Andrew Pascale’s new track “Vale” below. Enjoy!

Dusa, Andrew Pascale – Vale