Dusa Delivers Experimental Bass Odyssey “O.T.W.”


Delivering some of the the most innovative, unexpected production in the game, rising artist, Dusa, never fails to serve up something special with every new release. His left-field drops and technical sound design make him stand out from the crowd as a true heavy-hitter. Dusa’s newest single, “O.T.W.,” might just be your perfect introduction to the prolific producer.

Made “last year while still locked up in my house for the pandemic,” “O.T.W.” is the brainchild of isolated creativity and innovation. Dangling on a percussive introduction that lasts for about thirty seconds, Dusa pulls the listener in for the first drop of the track. As it hits, a combination of beefy, compressed bass, synth stabs, and grindy trills come together for one glorious drop. Led by a syncopated, scattered beat, the producer keeps the listener on their toes with his playful arrangement and writing style.

“O.T.W.” is only Dusa’s fourth original track to date, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for much more from this rising talent.

You can stream “O.T.W.” at the link below. Enjoy!

Dusa – O.T.W.