Emerging Dallas Duo Dusa Share Riveting Experimental Bass Track “Temporal”


This fresh duo hailing from Dallas, Texas is bringing an extreme dosage of southern heat. Luke Forgay and Lydia Stockar together create a tumultuous blend of leftfield bass known as Dusa. After starting off 2022 scorching hot with the release of a heavy hitter “Flux,” we’re treated to their latest experimental release, “Temporal.”

Distorted vocals haunt the background of the track as we’re led into this ominous tale that once again Dusa is so prominent in detailing. The tune immediately revs up and the vocals are raised creating a dramatic echoing effect that leads perfectly into the ferocious buildup of snares. The track drops and we are instantly transported into the “Temporal.” Enter a mind-bending, alternate universe with glitchy drums and spacey synths creating the perfect outer dimensional experience.

Press play and listen to “Temporal” below!

Dusa – Temporal