Dutch Producer DW Launches Stunning Melodic Techno Tune, “When I Dream”


I’m a sucker for immersive production. When the sound design engulfs your ears and the song writing focuses your soul, maaaaan there’s nothing better. Our newest addition to our roster, DW, is coming in hot from The Netherlands with his driven melodic techno track, “When I Dream,” that will launch down a neon-lit rabbit hole.

Lush pianos pair with siren song vocals to draw us deeper into this multi-colored world, while whirring bass stirs about and recoiling synths fill the air above. This complex place is a highly satisfying destination and I wish I could stay longer than the allotted four minutes.

DW has grown from local DJ to internationally booked artist in the course of a few short years, and after hearing this new tune, that seems like a no brainer. We look forward to hearing more from the young Dutch talent. Stream “When I Dream” below. Enjoy!

DW – When I Dream