e – dubble – Freestyle Fridays (Palm Trees, Night Table, more): Sick Chill Freestyles

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Today I've got an artist that's doing something very different. His name is e-dubble and he's created Freestyle Friday where he drops a freestyle for free every friday, and he's now at over 40 freestyles already. I've heard a handful of them throughout the past months and I although I thought most of them were pretty good, didn't they they were quite worth posting, but today I heard my favorite e-dubble freestyle yet, 'Palm Trees'. He goes in over a reworked version of Bill Joel that is just too sick. Since this was so sick I knew I had to dig through the past weeks and find the best, well here's two others that I found to be just as sick, 'Night Table' and 'The In Between'going in over Cold War Kids and Two Door Cinema. Now he's got a very unique flow, that is sick, but my hesitation is the rediculous outros at the end of the tracks. I mean I understand they are freestyles for free, but these would actually go on peoples' playlists if they didn't have rediculous minute commentaries at the end. Regardless these songs are sick, and this guy kills it, be sure to follow him on facebook and enjoy!

Palm Trees (Billy Joel Sample) – e-dubble | Download

Night Table (Cold War Kids Sample) – e-dubble | Download

The In Between (Two Door Cinema Sample) – e-dubble | Download

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