Earl Sweatshirt Drops Gritty New Experimental Album ‘Some Rap Songs’

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The day has come. After a long three and a half years in between albums, we finally get to see what Earl Sweatshirt has been up to. Today the lyrical maestro drops his third studio album, Some Rap Songs after much anticipation.

After albums such as Doris and I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside, many were wondering if Earl would return to his dark and often gloomy sound. After a single listen through the new album, it’s clear that Earl took a different approach.

There a couple things that are evident upon listening. First off, only three tracks reach the two minute mark. This may catch some off guard, but it makes sense considering the next point: many of these beats are very abstract, lo-fi, and oddly sampled. The experimentation Earl is channeling through his production is definitely unique and Earl spits stunning verses over all of these beats. 

Earl has definitely switched the overall tone of his music for this album. It’s hard to place exactly, because we’ve yet to hear an album that sounds anything like this. It’s definitely worth a listen for any hip-hop fans who want to take a journey into the mind of Earl Sweatshirt.

Listen to the brand new album, Some Rap Songs, below and enjoy!

Earl Sweatshirt – Some Rap Songs