Easy Tyger Lures Us Into A Trance on Hypnotic New Single “7 Sisters”


If you require a mid-day pick-me-up, we’ve got just the track for you. Making his return to TSIS is NYC-based producer Easy Tyger, who’s giving us some euphoric rave vibes on his latest track. “7 Sisters” hits that sweet spot between classic trance and a more modern, progressive sound.

This type of song will have you swaying your whole body, riding the track’s rhythm. Light and bright synths bounce along with the beat, creating an upbeat melody. In the background, swells of synths and a washed-out chorus of voices add an ethereal feeling. At the end of the track, the song reaches an epic crescendo on the bridge. Easy Tyger dials everything up here, especially the bass, and combined with the heavenly female vocal and breakbeat groove, it packs a powerful punch of energy and euphoria.

“7 Sisters” is meant to be played loud. You can do so below. Enjoy!

Easy Tiger – 7 Sisters