Edamame Flips Northern Form’s “Lavender” Into a Meditative Rhythm

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A few short weeks ago, we had the pleasure of sharing Northern Form’s gracefully natural groove, “Lavender,” with our readers. That pleasantly lithe tune has since made its way to the hands of fellow Loci Records label-mate, Edamame, who’s turned it into a meditative cut-time melody just begging to be set on repeat.

The tempo may be different but the vibes remain immaculate on this remix. The Denver-based producer leans deeper into the supernal trance of the vocal while injecting digital glints for a technological taste that breathes new life into this spirited notion.

There must be something in that Colorado air, because these two producers have an ear for the organic. Stream Edamame’s remix of Northern Form’s new track, “Lavender,” below. Enjoy!

Northern Form – Lavender (Edamame Remix)