Ekali Reveals That He’s Working On A Collab With DROELOE

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Ekali seems to be able to collaborate with all of the best artists. Not only has he been teasing this unreal track with sharply rising artist 1788-L, but he recently took to Twitter to announce that he is now teaming up with Dutch sensations DROELOE on a new number. 

Song with @DROELOEMUSIC is sounding sooooo cool

— 🍃EKALI🍃 (@EkaliMusic) August 10, 2018

Ekali and DROELOE share similar styles. Both are able to venture off into either side of the bass music spectrum: focusing on melodies and creating really beautiful music with great low end, or going all out on a ridiculously hard banger. Ekali has been focusing on some pretty heavy stuff lately, so we wouldn't be surprised if he went the other way for this collab with DROELOE.

No matter what the finish product will sound like, we're stoked to eventually hear it. Stay tuned for more!