Hear Teaser Of Ekali & Slumberjack’s Wild Unreleased Collaboration


Ekali and Slumberjack are undoubtedly some of the best producers in trap right now. Although these artists have had pretty similar sounds over the past couple of years, they’ve never come together to collaborate. That, however, will soon be coming to an end. Last night, Ekali took to his Instagram story to post a snippet of a track that him and Slumberjack have been working on, and it’s sounding insane.

Both Ekali and Slumberjack can achieve a variety of different sounds for their individual tracks, but for their collaboration, they clearly have their minds set on one thing: a ridiculously hard banger. A user hailing from one of Reddit’s best electronic music subreddits, /r/trap, has uploaded a video link of Ekali’s Instagram story, so you can check out the snippet for yourself. Give it a listen below. Enjoy!

Ekali & Slumberjack – ID