Elderbrook Drops Captivating Melodic Anthem “Shallow Water”


TSIS favorite producer and singer Elderbrook is back with another beauty of a song. “Shallow Water” arrives just ahead of a career milestone for the Brit, his debut headlining show at the iconic Brooklyn Mirage.

Although the lyrics of the song talk about the struggle to find your way back after hitting a low point, the vibe of the song is overwhelmingly hopeful, transforming it into an anthem about redemption. Elderbrook underlines this point with bright production. Warm synth and a syncopated vocals weave together to create a spelling binding melody. And of course, over it all is Elderbrook’s glorious, floating voice.

Here’s what Elderbrook had to say about the story of the song:

“In ‘Shallow Water’ the cards are down, bottom reached and there is nowhere left to go. The individual has to be better, do better. The song hinges on these bargaining chips, on the get out clauses we give ourselves when we want to change but know it will be hard. It grapples with questions of integrity and our desire to better ourselves against the knowledge that true and meaningful change is difficult and often messy. It’s the never ending self doubt given a voice.”

Make sure to give “Shallow Water” a listen. Enjoy!

Elderbrook – Shallow Water