Electric Forest Will Be Reverting Back To Single Weekend Event In 2019


Electric Forest has undoubtedly been one of our favorite festivals to not only attend, but also to partner with. The major U.S. festival that takes place in Rothbury, Michigan each year has announced that they will be returning to a single weekend event for 2019.

Each passing year Electric Forest has become one of the country’s most coveted events, to the point where they decided to expand the festival to stretch across two consecutive weekends (similar to Coachella). The decision to revert to just a single weekend event is due to efforts to reduce the impact to Sherwood Forest and the festival site as a whole, which is entirely understandable. We want Electric Forest to be able to continue on for as long as possible, and we can imagine that having double the foot traffic was certainly taking a toll on the venue.

For 2019, Electric Forest will be taking place June 27-30. Be sure to be on the lookout for ticket announcements, as this change will cut the amount of available tickets in half.