Electric Mantis – “Flips and Flop, Drips and Drops” : Unreal Future Trap Song You Won’t Be Able to Stop Replaying


Electric Mantis has an interesting story over the past few weeks starting with Diplo repped producer Djemba Djemba re-posting this song 'Flips and Flops, Drips and Drops' on his Soundcloud, then Electric Mantis posted about this happening on Redditt, which made it’s way to the front page getting ears on from from all over the world. Here we have the unreal song that has got the world talking.

His sound shows some signs of inspiration of Flume and some other Australian producers, yet with his own Portland twist, where the producer resides. This is a song that will instantly having you replay it, and then coming back day and day again. It shows unbelievable signs and potential for such a new producer. You can stream the song and grab a free download by supporting him with a like on Facebook.

Electric Mantis – Flips and Flops, Drips and Drops | Free Download | Alternate Download

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