Electronic Duo LNR THRY Shine on Ambient New EP ‘Fallout’


We’ve uncovered a cosmic new Portland-based duo by the name of LNR THRY.

LNR THRY (pronounced as “lunar theory”) aim to capture “the freedom of expressing oneself through dance and connection outside of time, space and the social constructs that govern activities during the day.” Given their name and mission, it’s fitting then, that their new EP Fallout sounds like it would be the perfect soundtrack for an astronaut to explore the moon.

The Fallout EP starts off light and whimsical with “Daywalker” and “Fallout.” LNR THRY injects warmth into their sound design, with soft ripples of chimes. The second half of the EP feels more melancholic, the synths embracing this darker sound to underline the transition. “Chartreuse” and “Forever” (our favorite track on the EP) are both vehicles for LNR THRY to flex their atmospheric composition with contemplative drums and lush effects.

The whole EP is out now, and you can stream it below. Enjoy!

LNR THRY – Fallout EP