Watch Eli & Fur Perform an Epic Live Set from Skyway Monte Bianco for Cercle

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Powerhouse duo Eli & Fur create some truly special music together. Their production talents, combined with live vocals and masterful songwriting, make them one of the most prominent artists in the house & techno scenes, and for a good reason.

To our delight, following their most recent single, “Skyway” the duo headed to Courmayeur, Italy to perform a very special live set from Skyway Monte Bianco. Surrounded by tranquil mountains and wispy clouds, the setting of their live performance perfectly complimented the equally blissful vibes provided by their music. With a total of ten complete tracks in the set, in addition to various live edits, the producers featured songs ranging from “Chlo” (a 2017 release via Anjunabeats) to their newest single with Cercle Records.

Surrounded by a collection of analog synthesizers, digital midi controllers, and 2 laptops, Eli & Fur make themselves at home in the mountains of Courmayeur. They not only delight us with live instrumentation and mixes, but also live vocals. Adorned in puffer jackets and beanies, the two producers seemingly glow with joy as they deliver an absolutely astonishing hour and a half of music.

You can listen to Eli & Fur’s live set for Cercle at the link below. Enjoy!

Eli & Fur – Live From Skyway Monte Bianco for Cercle