Eli Brown & Joyhauser “Drop It Down” With Powerful New Techno Single

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When it comes to new music we at TSIS pride ourselves in being your one stop shop for all things fresh and forward-thinking. Our next fresh find is ready to transport you to the deepest darkest club this dimension has to offer. Presenting: “Drop It Down” by Eli Brown and Joyhauser.

Good luck finding a track with more firepower than this one. This titanic techno offering will get your heart racing, your body moving, and your senses tingling as its towering bass furiously pounds beneath strobing synths. Once the vocal starts casting its spell, its lights out, see ya tomorrow.

 Banger has a new definition: “Drop It Down” by Eli Brown and Joyhauser. Stream below and enjoy!

Eli Brown x Joyhauser – Drop It Down