Eligh of Living Legends – Music Dies: Exclusive Hip-Hop Track + Akomplice Clothing Boxed Set Giveaway


We are very excited to announce that we have started working with one of the most innovative, cutting edge, and freshest clothing companies around, Akomplice Clothing. They were originally based out of Denver but have recently moved to LA. Today we're giving away a limited edition boxed set between Akomplice and Eligh of hip-hop group Living Legends. It includes a special edition of his latest 'Grey Crow' album, a limitied edition Akomplice x Eligh T-Shirt, all in a special made box. This boxed set includes this exclusive track 'Music Dies' that you can only hear on Thissongissick and in this boxed set. See details below to enter to win the boxed set, and check out this sick chill song as well. Enjoy!

To enter for a chance to win 1 of these limited edition boxed sets, simply "Like" this post and comment below with your favorite Eligh or Living Legends song

Music Dies – Eligh | Download

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