Eliot Lipp Gets Groovy On New Single “Guitar Maniacs”


Finding inspiration through jazz licks and boom bap beats, Eliot Lipp has a sound unlike most of his fellow artists in the electronic space. With past releases on labels like Ghostly International and more, the growing producer explores uncharted territory on his new single “Guitar Maniacs.”

Eliot clearly demonstrates his knowledge of “the pocket” on “Guitar Maniacs,” falling right into the groove of the kick and snare. Lipp’s immaculate guitar tone elevates the track, making even the simplest riff shine. The addition of funky synths on this jam-based tune makes “Guitar Maniacs” the perfect track for a late-night drive.

Lipp commented on the development of the track, saying:

I’ve been wanting to make this record for a long time. I’m always curious how much personality I can add to a beat while still keeping it mellow. I think those textures allowed for something more delicate than I’ve made in the past. Having not released a solo record since 2017, I was a little overwhelmed with the idea of having to condense the experience of these past few years into one body of work. However, as I chipped away at the songs, I focused on being present and instead tried to capture where I was at currently instead of where I had been.

You can stream “Guitar Maniacs” at the link below, out everywhere via Young Heavy Souls. Enjoy!

Eliot Lipp – “Guitar Maniacs”