Snakehips And Elley Duhé Team Up For Incredible Remix Of “Immortal”


Alabama Native, Elley Duhé, made a very impressive artist debut in March with her vibey single “Immortal”. Today, she and Snakehips have teamed up to release an incredible remix of “Immortal” via RCA Records. London duo Snakehips are fresh off the release of their innovative single “Right Now" and have displayed their cutting-edge production ability once again with this remix.

This rendition of “Immortal” has more energy than original from the get-go starting with a colorful vocal sample, a glittering synth and an enticing snare hit. Cue Elley Duhé who comes in strong with her passionate vocal performance that immediately captivates listeners. Snakehips then make their presence felt as the track builds tension that is eventually released in a bright-synth filled drop with accenting steel drums and powerful underlying bass. This remix of “Immortal” flips the already incredible original into a summer-ready jam that we can’t get enough of…. Enjoy!

Elley Duhé x Snakehips – immortal (Remix)