Ellie Goulding – Bittersweet (Produced by Skrillex) (Twilight Soundtrack) : Incredible Potential Break Up Song


Everyone’s favorite electronic couple Ellie Goulding and Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex recently broke up breaking the hearts of both of their fans that loved couple. To lighten the situation we get a new track with Ellie Goulding singing, produced by Skrillex. It’s called “Bittersweet”, and word has it , it is actually a tribute to their relationship. Regardless of the truth in that, it is an incredible track with amazing production and passionate vocals. We just received word that it is going to be on the upcoming Twilight soundtrack. Will update once we get the full story. For now, enjoy the new track!

Ellie Goulding – Bittersweet (Produced by Skrillex)