Elohim Shines On Vibrant ‘Braindead’ EP In Support Of Mental Health Awareness

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Elohim has been a nonstop supporter of mental health causes, often sharing her own struggles to inspire strength in others. Today she has shared her most intimate story yet, a 7-track EP called Braindead, a project made “with the intention to heal”. Elohim has been releasing music nonstop, including two tracks with Skrillex and a glitchy single off of Braindead called “TV”, not to mention her longtime collaborators Louis The Child dropping an infectious new remix of her track “The Wave” just last month.

Braindead begins with a cinematic monologue from Elohim, visualizing her anxiety as a lion that stalks her through a jungle. She tells listeners that they will learn how to tell the lion to “sit down” just as the first chords of the EP ring out. Her voice is the backbone of the EP, morphing between smooth verses, soaring choruses, and emotive falsettos. The production is colorful and vibrant, from the summer-ready “running” to the chilled out “meditation medication”.

Elohim is donating all proceeds from this EP to organizations that support mental health, so be sure to keep pressing play. Enjoy!

Elohim – Braindead