Elon Musk Arrested at Tesla Gigafactory Rave in Berlin

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Elon Musk appears to have taken it a bit too far at his latest Tesla Gigafactory rave in Berlin, Germany. The richest man in the world was arrested Friday morning during one of his extravagant parties. Thousands of attendees poured out of the “rave cave” while local police swarmed the compound.

Police have confiscated a massive sound system that Elon claimed, in a stupor, came from Mars. The police were not able to make sense of the statement, and they have given no further comment on whether or not the sound system was in fact made from alien technology. They did confirm, however, that it bumped louder than anything they’d ever heard before.

Elon Musk nor Tesla immediately responded to a request for comment.

April Fools! This entire post is satire in celebration of one of our favorite days on the Internet. Enjoy!