Elon Musk Is Showing Off His New Neuralink Brain Implant Today

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There’s a new update on Elon Musk‘s mind-blowing new project, Neuralink, and he’s ready to show us all himself how it all works. Today, at 3:00pm PT, Musk will be demonstrating the new “V2” update, live. Musk had previously mentioned that the demonstration “will show neurons firing in real time. The matrix in the matrix.”

This type of technology still seems like sci-fi, but apparently it’s all ready to go. It is still unclear what exactly this demonstration will entail, but our interests are definitely piqued.

Elon Musk had stated in the past that people will be able to stream music directly to their brain.

Stay tuned for what should be a very interesting presentation from Elon Musk. The Neuralink Twitter account will be posting a link to the webcast when they go live.