Elon Musk Praises Burning Man on X Before Disaster Strikes The Event

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This past weekend, Burning Man experienced record-breaking rainfall, resulting in a partial washout and turning the desert site into a soaked mud pit. However, that didn’t stop one of its highest-profile fans from singing its praises.

Elon Musk, who has been known to attend the festival in the past, took to X, formerly Twitter, stating that “Burning Man is unique in the world. Hard to describe how incredible it is for those who have never been.” Elon made the remarks in response to a viral video of a Balenciaga fashion show that was falsely labeled as Burning Man.

I’m currently stranded at Burning Man, along with thousands of others.

Despite the unexpected challenges, some artists managed to put together an impromptu catwalk show. The “I’m in the mud” show is a metaphor for trying stuff and always learning.

I’m deeply inspired by the… pic.twitter.com/ZK7Z7nK79B

— Ana Mostarac (@anammostarac) September 3, 2023

On Friday, Burning Man attendees were ordered to shelter in place and conserve resources as all roads leading in and out of the festival were closed. Organizers began allowing people to leave on Monday afternoon but asked attendees to delay exits until Tuesday to control traffic.

There have been vastly differing reports coming from festival goers throughout the weekend, some positive and some quite negative. Some videos taken from attendees showed the treacherous conditions, including the giant mudpits, unsanitary bathroom situations, and dangerous lodging accommodations.

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Others chose to shine a light on the events, choosing to make the most of the situation. Goldfish posted a video of them teaming up with Carl Cox, Charlotte de Witte, Enrico Sangiuliano, and Vintage Culture for an impromptu pop-up set in the mud.

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