Elskavon Crafts Beautiful Genre-Defying Tune “Origins”


Once known for his production embodying sounds of modern-classical and post-rock minimalism, Minneapolis producer, Elskavon, felt it was time for a change. Writing, performing, and producing the entirety of his new album, Origins, by himself, the rising artist puts a new electronic spin on his established sound. Its title track, “Origins,” perfectly encapsulates the producer’s new sonic direction.

The emotion and careful thought Elskavon put into crafting “Orgins” is immediately self-evident. Layers of analog synths precisely inject themselves into the production, tucking neatly in-between warm bass notes and a live drum kit. Come half-way into into the track, Elskavon takes the stage with a delicate and emotional vocal performance, debuting his role as primary singer-songwriter.

Elskavon commented on the development of his new album, saying:

A lot of this album was an accident. As in, in my head, Elskavon used to be “ambient.” Used to be “instrumental.” “Side project.” These songs, by way of simply and fully experimenting and letting what happened happen, broke out of any genre boxes, and I tried a ton of new ideas and processes. A blend of old, new, weird, and catchy; analog, digital, sampling, and tape; electronic, pop, ambient, and experimental. To sum up: 𝘖𝘳𝘪𝘨𝘪𝘯𝘴 – “the point or place where something begins.” An album that, I would say, is the most 𝘮𝘦 I’ve ever put out.

You can stream “Origins” at the link below, out everywhere via Western Vinyl. Enjoy!

Elskavon – Origins