Emancipator’s Loci Records Release Organic House & Downtempo Compilation Album

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When it comes to the more chill side of electronic music, it’s impossible not to think of Emancipator. A sleeping giant of the electronic music world, he’s quietly established himself as a mainstay in the scene since 2006. His label, Loci Records, serves as the crossroads between melodic downtempo, instrumental hip-hop, and electronica. Now they’ve returned with their third compilation album, Season Three, which stands as a collection of organic house & downtempo songs, featuring numerous artists from the Loci roster.

The album features tracks from Sebastian Davidson & Cir:cle, Good Lee, jackLNDN, PALLADIAN, Emancipator & 9 Theory, Jacana People, Kisnou, Murge, Marley Carroll, Frameworks, Andrew Rothschild, Thoma, and Nym. Exploring the more energetic and uptempo side of the Loci catalog, Season Three offers a fresh taste of the label’s music and marks a bit of a turning point as the imprint usually associated with slower tempos.

Stream Loci Records’ ‘Season Three’ below and enjoy!

Loci Records – Season Three