Emancipator Conjures A Lush Vibe On “Thus,” with Rena Jones & Flowerpulse


If you’re an electronic music fan, odds are you’ve heard of Emancipator. The Oregon based artist has been one of our favorites for almost a decade now, crafting beats that will make any music fan melt no matter their preference. Today, we have the masterful maestro featured for the release of his new single, “Thus,” out now via Loci Records.

Emancipator has always had the organic touch with a knack and an ear for real instrumentation. This latest offering finds him right in his element as he carefully balances glints of orchestral strings, harmonious keys, and glistening fills on top of an all natural sampling in the back. This track is best served lakeside on a beautiful day, bonus points if you’re in a hammock.

This transcendent track is the second single off Emancipator’s collaborative EP, Xylem, with Rena Jones and Flowerpulse. Anything that comes from the combined creativity of these three is basically guaranteed to be A+, so we’ll carefully watching for further details. Stream the chilled out trio’s new single, “Thus,” below. Enjoy!

Emancipator, Rena Jones, Flowerpulse – Thus