Emika Transports Listeners To “THE ANTI UNIVERSE” With New Techno Single


Today we have a spellbinding psytrance song to grace you with, courtesy of European artist Emika. The multi-talented musician has been in the industry for 10 years now, and is releasing a three-part album called Vega that is a myriad of her styles and talents to celebrate her decade of domination. “The Anti Universe” is the first single released off the upcoming record, and it’s a stunning sonic journey that gives off underground rave vibes.

The track features her commanding spoken word vocals underpinned by a stabbing bassline. It almost feels like a guided meditation that speaks to your soul, while the hammering tempo tells your body to follow suit. There is an overwhelming amount of power to the production, with a dark and deliberate essence, complemented perfectly by Emika’s existential lyrics.

Emika had this to say about the song:

The Anti Universe is a story of a civilisation on the edge of a new transhuman era, where the need for growing up spiritually was never so important as now.

You can take a listen to the futuristic track below. Enjoy!

Emika – The Anti Universe