Eminem’s Manager Paul Rosenberg Seems To Reveal Album Title In Insane Cryptic Message


With a new Eminem album on the way, many thought he would be begin his album rollout when it was announced he would be joining BET for a freestyle. However, he surprised us all with a very angry freestyle calling out Trump for most everything he’s been in the news for lately. It looks like he just went the most cryptic route ever to reveal his album title…

His longtime manager and co-founder of Shady Records, Paul Rosenberg shared what seems to be a normal picture of him holding the new Yelawolf CD… however ninjas on the internet noticed something about odd. There is an ad in the background for a medication called “Revival” with the E backwards, like how EMINEM spells his name. After digging further, it was revealed that this fake medication has a website and supposedly treats a made-up condition called “Atrox Rithimus.”

We called the number listed (1-833-243-8738) and it seems fairly legit, but there are a few things that stand out making it obvious this isn’t a real voicemail for a medication. When naming the long list of side effects, they slip in comedic gems that sound like Eminem’s humous saying things like it’s “not intended for anal use” and may cause “ringing in your mouth” as well as the voice stopping to give “serious fucking credit for sticking with this” after hearing side effects for over a minute. In addition there are a couple references to Eminem, such as the piano melody for his song “I Need A Doctor” playing in the background as well as her saying “you only get one shot to beat AR,” which sounds very similar to a line from “Lose Yourself.” Thank you internet (mostly Reddit) for winning once again.  It's looking like the album title might be "Revival"…Stay tuned for more info and enjoy!


Look what arrived at the Shady offices today! @Yelawolf TRIAL BY FIRE comes out this Friday 10/27! #cdbaby

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