Eminem ft. B.o.B. – Things Get Worse: Real Sick New Rap Collab


It's crazy how long Eminem has been rapping in the spotlight, and with Recovery being a great success he shows no signs of letting down. Well now we get our hands on some new Eminem, this time featuring newcomer B.o.B.. I was a little thrown off at the mixture of the artists, but it works very werll. The beat is solid and chill, and both rappers thrown down some great lines. Eminem has always been a pretty sick rapper, despite some songs that some might dislike, but what really gets me stoked about this song is what's next with B.o.B.. A reader informed me that a snippet of this was released back when Em did a feature on Airplanes, maybe they have some more collaborations no one's heard? Looking forward to new stuff from both artists, but for now check this out and enjoy! 

This song has been requested to be taken down by the the artist and / or their copyright holder. Apologies for any inconvenience!