PREMIERE | Emmit Fenn Recreates Must Hear Tune “Blinded” With Energetic New Remix


A rising artist we've been very excited about recently is the talented producer, songwriter and vocalist Emmit Fenn. Today we have a special premiere from the young artist as he's reimagined his must hear song "Blinded" with a new remix accompanied by an acoustic live video

"“Blinded was always a song that I knew I wanted to reimagine in a different way and as I started to put together my live show, it was the first song I jumped to. Finished the track in a couple hours and loved it so much that I told my roommate to grab his video camera. Then it all just came together.” – Emmit Fenn

Each of his releases are packed with emotion and "Blinded" is no different. The incredible, somber tune is an amazing laidback song, but this new version he's crafted is perfect for a live setting. Fenn recreated the song, adding entirely new percussion with a shaker and hi-hats adding a new level of energy and danceability. He also incorporates some new keys and bright melodies while maintaining the best elements of the original with new layers dropping in and out combining with each other perfectly. Both version of the song are incredible, and we can't wait to see Fenn live as he proves in this video he's effortless able to recreate his songs live with his vocals sounding as great as ever. He just announced a show at Lightning In A Bottle this summer so make sure to catch his set if you're going. Enjoy!

Emmit Fenn – Blinded (Emmit Fenn Remix)