Empire Of The Sun Release Amazing 11-Track ‘Two Vines’ Album

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After announcing their third studio album back in August, Australian band Empire Of The Sun has finally released Two Vines. The 11-track effort is comprised of feel-good jams like "High and Low" and "Two Vines", in addition to more laid-back cuts such as "To Her Door" and "Way To Go". To no surprise, Empire Of The Sun does what they do best on this album and that's taking listeners into their dreamy world where they can truly escape. 

It's been approximately three years since they released their sophomore album Ice On The Dune which featured songs like "DNA" and "Celebrate" and standout single "Alive". The group does an excellent job at exploring several genres on their latest LP, tapping funk for "Ride", retro house-inspired elements for "ZZZ" and downtempo for "There's No Need". In addition to the diversity, Empire Of The Sun reminds fans of their infectious harmonies and upbeat rhythms that are perfect for daytime drives.

“We're just going deeper into paradise. Each record, you explore how much further you can go. We're always talking about that unexplainable feeling of waking up on a long beach and the sun's rising. You can hear the birds, and they're talking to each other; talking about their plans of flying for the day and where they'll go and have breakfast. The dolphins are swimming, and you hear the waves tickling each other as they land on the shore.” — Luke Steel, Empire of The Sun

Two Vines takes fans on an musical journey that has them experience the emotional highs and lows. Stream the full album and let us know what you think of it. Enjoy!

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