Cryptic New Gorge Amphitheatre Festival Seems To Have Some Bassnectar Connections

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There’s a cryptic new festival in development at the Gorge Amphitheatre, and it seems very likely that Bassnectar has something to do with it.

With long-running Sasquatch Music Festival having called it quits in 2018, a hole was left in the Memorial Day Weekend slot of the Gorge Amphitheatre’s event calendar. But as Live Nation announced last month via a press release that “May 24-25-26, 2019 will see a new generation of contemporary artists carry on the tradition at this iconic Northwest institution”, festival-goers can look forward to occupying the incredible Pacific Northwest venue yet again come spring for the new End of the Rainbow Festival.

As a similar “End of the Rainbow” name and theme was recently used in the debut of a new stage at USC Event’s Lucky Festival last March, we wouldn’t be surprised if the company (who also puts on Paradiso Festival at the epic cliff-side venue) is involved with this latest endeavor. But to our surprise, further investigation into the new fests socials has revealed that Bassnectar has already started following and retweeting announcements surrounding the fest. With psychedelic visuals that seem quite synonymous with Bassnectar’s aesthetic, although we have yet to receive definitive proof that the superstar DJ is involved with EOTR, we’re willing to bet the dubstep-heavyweight will be making an appearance come Memorial Day weekend.. Check out the festival teaser below and enjoy!


— End of the Rainbow (@eotrgorge) February 6, 2019