EOTO Founder Michael Travis Launches New Improv Electronic Band, Snakes And Stars


It’s been a couple of years since EOTO took the stage. The beloved improvisational live electronic duo, consisting of String Cheese Incident members Jason Hann and Michael Travis, officially split over a year ago, citing “irreconcilable creative differences.”

There is good news, however! Michael Travis has created a new band of the same format as EOTO with Aaron Johnston, who also performs with the David Byrne Band. This new duo is called Snakes And Stars, and they’re set to make their official debut next week. Their first performance will be happening at Elevation Music Festival, which is happening in Alma, Colorado, on August 12-13.

Here’s a quote from the band that describes what their style will sound like:

Snakes and Stars will feature the two top drummers exploring various idioms of electronic and dance music in a live, improvisational format. Relying on a combined 60 years of live music experience, Travis and Johnston utilize vocals, synthesizers, electronic pads and triggers, drum kits, guitar, bass, and samples to create one of a kind musical experiences, in the moment. The band finds its inspiration in deep electronic roots from minimal, trance, techno and house along with contemporary electronic stylings like trap and dubstep.

We’re eager to see how Snakes And Stars compare to the former EOTO. We’ll be able to find out soon.