[PREMIERE] Ephwurd Drop Hard-Hitting New Dubstep / Future House Track “Money” Ft. Fatman Scoop + Interview

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Today we are super excited to be premiering a new banger from one of our favorite bass house acts, Ephwurd, who continue to deliver some of the hardest-hitting house tunes to date. The duo comprising of Datsik and Bais Haus recently launched their own label, Eph’d Up Records, and are keeping the momentum strong with today’s release, “Money,” featuring Grammy Award Winner Fatman Scoop. We also had the pleasure to speak with the duo about their project, so be sure to check out our interview below.

“Money” begins with Fatman Scoop hyping us up, yelling “Take money money, take money money money” as the bass builds in the background. Things heat up for the drop, with Ephwurd showcasing their unique, bass-heavy sound design and bouncy house style. The duo opts for two huge synth basses that whoosh and glide alongside heavy kicks and claps. Ephwurd cool it down with a funky interlude before bringing back in vocals from Fatman Scoop and tying everything back together. “Money” brings the heat from Ephwurd and Fatman Scoop, illustrating the prowess of its collaborators and making for an energetic bass house banger. See tour dates and interview below. Enjoy!

Ephwurd – Money (Ft. Fatman Scoop) | Purchase

You just started a new label, can you tell us more about Eph’d Up records and what your vision is for the label?

As artists who enjoy a broad range of music going from the most hype tunes to the most chill, we wanted to be able to freely give music to our fans without the time constraints of a label. Sometimes we finish a song and it won’t be months the fans get to hear what we have been working on and its such a huge bummer. Eph’d Up Records gives us the freedom to release music when we want and when you deserve it, because life is happening now and it’s not set on some schedule. With that said, we are launching the label with tunes of ours that we’ve been dropping for well over a year now and it always goes off! We’ve always toyed around with the idea of starting a label. We just want a hub for all the music we love and a place for our fans to come vs having to go search elsewhere to find tunes that we think are dope.

What’s your process when making a record together? Do you make the track together in the studio or split up and then exchange ideas? 

Sometimes we will start projects remotely then hit the studio in the final mixing/mastering stages or we will just do it all in one session together. We always finish songs together though. I think there’s no right or wrong way to approach a new tune, it could be a simple idea or a drum loop that just spawns something. Sometimes we get a dope new vocal and we’re just like “Yo let’s write something completely around this vocal.”. It’s how Vibrations happened. We were super stoked writing a new project, and just hit a wall on it and just said we’d let it work itself out. 10 minutes later we were like “fuck this let’s start a new track.” We had the one snippet from Good Vibrations and we ended up writing a whole new tune around it that night. 

Besides making music and playing shows, what is your favorite pastime right now? Anything you’ve recently gotten into? Or something you’ve always done on the side?

Troy is full blown into the stock market and I'm a fanatic of obtaining little bits of information about everything in life. I think having the ability to use your knowledge to create something new or push forward through difficult choices is one of the cornerstones of life. We are constantly making decisions on the daily which can either help us succeed or may even take us back a few notches. Learning to asses risk and make decisions based on what you know or have experienced is one of he greatest ways to be bigger and better than yourself. We never play it safe but we do try to play it smart.

You guys are known for your bangers, but what is your favorite music to relax to right now?

We actually have a playlist of stuff that we listen to after every show. It literally just a mix of popular songs that everyone knows and keeps the party goin. Usually they are all throwbacks but we have a few new hits in there. I think listening to songs like these helps us understand what listeners are attracted to in music.

What festival do you look forward to the most? 

There are so many different festivals to choose from but we always love coming back to Shambhala. It's been a busy festival season this year, but we can't wait to get back on the road to close out 2017 with our Australian Tour next month and headline show at the Belasco in LA on December 15!

Tour Dates

Nov 30 – The Helm – Eumundi, Australia
Dec 01 – Red Square – Adelaide, Australia
Dec 02 – Villa – Perth, Australia
Dec 06 – Argyle House – Newcastle, Australia
Dec 08 – The Met – Brisbane, Australia
Dec 15 – The Belasco Theater – Los Angeles, CA