Eprom Unveils Mind-Boggling Five-Track ‘Aikon’ EP

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In the realm of bass music, Eprom has comfortably established himself as a King of the underground.  We’ve been following the West-Coast wonder for some time now, and we consistently have our minds boggled and faces melted by his truly one in a million sound design. 2019 has been a busy one for our wobbly friend and we are proud to be a part of it’s continuation today by sharing with you Eprom’s new EP, Aikon.

This remarkable five-track project boldly explores bass music in a way that is truly special and unique to Eprom.  We’ve gotten a taste the wild EP with previously released tracks, “Hope,” the straight lethal “Daemon Veil” and the wildly minimalistic “The Cat.”  The acid tongued “Phoneme Gothik” and the late hours trip-hop inspired “Shirow Softworks” round out the Aikon EP to create a marvelously complete project that employs the baddest breakbeats, the lowest lows and the most mystifying sound waves.

P.S.- I highly recommend listening to the EP from start to finish in one sitting. The tracks play in to one another quite well for a very well rounded listening experience. Enjoy!

Eprom – Aikon EP