Eprom Shares His First NFT Alongside New Single “How U Make Me Feel”

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The latest producer to get into the NFT game is Eprom. On Tuesday, the bass maestro released a dope new song that’s available for auction on emerging platform Catalog. The track, titled “How U Make Me Feel”, is a gritty tune with garage influence, and fans are already bidding up to 1000.0 DAI, which is a little over a grand, to own part of it. 

Eprom himself calls the single an “emotion-driven haptic feedback loop”. He intermingles some grimy underground influences and distorted samples to create a seriously intoxicating sound. The rhythm winds and grinds over the bass line and culminates in a spine-tingling feeling as you listen. It’s got a very unique production, but at the same time still has his distinct touch to it.  

You can bid on “How U Make Me Feel” to your heart’s crypto-content until 12:00pm PST on Friday, or listen to the song for free below. Enjoy!

Listen Here